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Thank you for using this channel to submit your report. If you wish, you can submit a report on this platform completely anonymously or by voluntarily providing your contact details.

In addition, the following telephone number is available to you free of charge: +49 30 7675975157.

Our own case handlers are available for your call from Monday to Friday from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock.

When reporting by telephone, please be sure to include the name of the company to which your report relates.

If you would like a personal meeting, please check the appropriate box.

Please note the following information to protect your anonymity when reporting via this platform:

Your IP address is not stored at any time and is therefore not accessible to the company, the IT service provider or the case handler.

Please note that file formats may contain metadata with references to the creator.

A case ID and your password will be displayed immediately after you enter your report. Please make a note of both and keep them secret.

You can use this Case ID and your password to log back in later and engage in an anonymous dialogue with the caseworker. Please note that the password cannot be recovered or changed later.
For details on data protection, please refer to the privacy policy.

Please also note that, for data protection reasons, you may only include personal data in your notification that is essential for case processing.

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